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State of the Art Testing

Through our three test process, we can assess where you are physically and recommend a work out that may get you to your goals. We will monitor you and help you all throughout the process.

Certified Personal Trainers on Staff

Few Health and Fitness facilities have certified personal trainers that will stay with you throughout your whole process from start to finish. We are Parker’s Place are dedicated to see you through to the end.

We take the Time

GREAT customer service makes us different! We provide one-on-one consultation with our members, answering their questions and fitness concerns. We care about your health and fitness!

We Value your Time

Come and talk to one of our personal trainers and ask any questions that you may have. If they don’t have the answer they will get you the answer you are looking for. Remember health and fitness is our key.


Are you a high school or college student looking for a place to workout. Parker’s Place is where you need to be. We offer very affordable prices and have flexible hours so you can always fit in a workout. If you haven’t checked out us out, stop by and we’ll show you around.

Aerobic Training

Core Strength

Tuesday/Thursday – 7:00 AM
Wednesday – 6:00 PM
Saturday – 8:00 AM

Boot Camp

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 5:45 AM
Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 4:00 PM

Senior Workout

At Parkers Place Total Fitness we cater to our seniors. One of few gyms in Oconomowoc that accepts Silver Sneakers. We have on board a Certified Trainer who specialized in Fitness for the Older Adult. We have both personal workouts as well as a full schedule of classes or group exercises that are included in your membership fee. We make it affordable, fun and fulfilling.

Tuesday – Flexibility and stretching
Thursday – Circuit Training

What makes Parker’s Place a great place to work out for seniors is that we are aware of the limitations of our seniors and we structure your workout to fit your ability. We then work out with you to increase your ability, agility, endurance and flexibility. Our goal is to keep you active in your life!

Call Mark at Parker’s Place Total fitness for a free tour and consultation.

Personal Training

Through our Certified Personal Trainers, we will put workouts together that fit your need and goals. We will work alongside your physicians and Physical Therapist. We will stand by you throughout your process and goal achieving.

Free Weights and Nautilus

At Parker’s Place we have free weights and dumbbells. We have two Olympic benches, Smith machine, squat rack, and various other plat loaded equipment. Our dumbbells go up to 150 pounds. There is never a need to wait for any piece of equipment.

J.A.B. Karate and Taekwondo

My family has enjoyed and grown together with TaeKwonDo for many years. It is our hope to bring that same sense of accomplishment and pride to you and your children. Click here to learn more.

– Master Jim Bonesho Sr.

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