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Kevin is a certified trainer and Owner of Parker’s Place Fitness. He has been featured on many shows on NBA, CBS, ABC and FOX along with being an author of “Health Fitness and Me”. Kevin has won many awards for his work in Track and Field and was Nationally Ranked as #1 in Master’s Sprinters. He speaks regularly at corporate outings about Health and Wellness and has been featured in numerous magazines and blogs on the topic of health and fitness.

When Kevin is not working hard to help his clients he enjoys Singing and is very active in his church. He loves his family time with his wife of many years and spending time with his children.


Carrie has been active in fitness and strength training for over 25 years. As an ACTION Certified Personal Trainer, she enjoys creating fitness programs unique to her client’s goals, taking into consideration any limitations, injuries, and overall physical condition.

Carrie has worked with college students, young marathon runners, and older adults with physical limitations. She believes in making your workout as fun and enjoyable as possible.  You will never do the same workout twice, and you will never do any exercise you hate.  You will however, see results and feel great as long as you are willing to work hard and make the commitment.  She would love to help you do that.

Carrie can do one on one training, or if you prefer, join in on one of her strength training classes.  Contact Carrie for more information at 262-599-9523 or

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