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Our primary concern is your family’s health and fitness.

We take your family’s health, wellness, and nutrition seriously. Through our Personal Trainers, we can help you achieve your fitness goals by formulating a program of workouts that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals. Click here to learn more about our Personal Trainers.

Our Vision

America is heavier now than it has ever been. Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are all at an all-time high. The use of medications has exploded 200 fold. We depend more now on the drugs we can get to keep ourselves alive than we do anything else. Now that I have stated the obvious, my vision is not to constantly bring the problem to the surface but bring the solution.

My solution is simple, proper dietary habits coupled with a strong mental attitude (focus) and proper work out activity. The problem with most people is they believe if they do one of those things it makes a difference in their overall being. In reality, it doesn’t. My goal is to tell everyone I come in contact with that they are better than they think. You don’t have to settle for second best. You are wonderfully made by our Creator and we need to take pride in our bodies. My goal and vision is to touch every life I come in contact with and leave them better people.

I believe that our bodies are wonderfully made and very forgiving. For those who read this please know that wherever you are, whatever you have been told, however you may feel, you can get better. You can improve. Once you realize and go towards that… it is where your real freedom lies. Freedom from medication, which imprisons your body and holds our physical ability to improve down. Freedom to do things that you only dreamt of doing. Lastly, freedom to be who you want to be and go where you want to go. No need to feel embarrassed or a burden to anyone.

My vision is to see America one day wake up and begin to take back their lives from those things that have, for so long imprisoned us. Smoking, drug abuse, overeating, alcohol abuse, sleep deprivation all will become a thing of the past, never to ever be thought of but as a past bad memories. My vision is that America become stronger nutritionally and because of that we live better quality lives.

At Parker’s Place we come along side very member and help them help themselves. We will give you programs to do to get you where you want to be. Through the videos I have done or the blogs I have written or the lectures I give, my vision is that each one of those touches you in some way and through a process of accountability, make each person better in some physical way.

Our Mission

You may walk in alone, but when you are at Parker’s Place you quickly realize that you are a part of a community. A place where trainers and clients alike come together to offer the strength, knowledge and accountability you need to complete your fitness goals.


Parker’s Place has helped me build some structure around my health. Kevin and his staffs’ attention to detail and supportive nature have helped make exercise a means to better support myself and my family. In the past couple months I have lost 10 lbs, improved my flexibility, and increased overall energy levels; energy that I can share with my family. Energy that regretfully in the past had been lacking. Thank you Parker’s for helping me become a better husband, father, and supporter.
—Steve Manne

“Parker’s Place is the fitness equivalent to ‘Cheers’. It’s warm and friendly, relaxed, and Kevin and his staff all know my name. After sitting down together to discuss my personal trainer, Kevin pushes me, praises me, and cracks me up. A visit to Parker’s Place is a unique fitness experience and one I highly recommend!”
—Mary Richter

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