Does exercise slow the aging process?

After examining data from more than 5,800 adults ages 20-84, a Brigham Young University exercise science professor discovered that adults who ran a minimum of 30-40 minutes, five days a week, had an almost nine-year “biological aging advantage.” That advantage is tied to something called telomeres. An Oct 12, 2022, study read:

“Telomeres, the specific DNA–protein structures found at both ends of each chromosome, protect genome from nucleolytic degradation, unnecessary recombination, repair, and intrachromosomal fusion. Telomeres therefore play a vital role in preserving the information in our genome. In other words, this DNA-protein keeps and protects your chromosome from getting abused and old quicker than it should. It is like a shield that protects our chromosome from outside forces that will damage it.”

I can think of countless people who, over the years, have sworn off any type of exercise then when I run into them, they typically look older than they really are. I believe that exercise gives your cells the ability to regenerate at a more rapid pace keeping them new and fresh more than when we are less active.

Exercise puts additional stress on our bodies that in time it will adjust to. Red blood cells are constantly being called upon to repair or fix a problem which keeps a consistent renewing of our cells. Think of it like this. You have a road that needs repair because it is constantly being used. So, every year you repair that road and every year that road looks really good. On the other hand, you can have another road that is seldom ever used. Within a short period of time, weeds will appear and cracks will form all over the road making it look old and worn even though it is seldom used.

Our body’s work is similar to these examples. The more it is used the more it’s repaired. The less it is used the quicker it deteriorates.

My challenge to you, for the next few months, change your exercise regiment and begin to make it a daily priority. Watch what happens. You will be amazed!

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