Improving Your Sleep Patterns

Our body repairs itself not when we are awake but when we are sleeping. During the day, our body is at its most active point and uses every bit of energy just to make it through the day. Most people wake up around 6am which starts the heart pumping. Many people either start the day by eating a very small breakfast on the run or just coffee, which can get your body moving, even a little, but if you have nothing to eat to start your day, your body is relying on what you ate the night before for fuel. Then, we are off to work where we push really hard to get projects or tasks started or completed. Sometimes we work through our lunch hour so we do not have to stay too late after hours. Around 3pm we begin to get tired which, to me, is a sign of lack of fuel and that your body is running on empty. Then, 5pm comes and we are out the door and on our way home. Some of us rush home and run to the fridge for food—glorious food! Then we finally sit down, eat, and watch TV (which we will talk about another time).

Around 10pm we head up to bed, dead dog tired. As soon as our head hits the pillow we are out for the count. This is when our bodies begin to repair themselves. Yes, while we are sleeping is where our brain is checking over all our different systems and sending out signals to whatever it needs, getting you ready for the next day.

Exercise maximizes your energy output which in turn allows your body to relax at an even greater level. There is a reason why really good distance runners have a resting heart rate of 40. It has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with exertion. The higher you get your sustained heart rate the lower it will be for resting. A lower heart rate brings about much improved sleep patterns.

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