Almost to the End

As of writing this, I am within the last 30 days of my pushup challenge that I set for myself, and it seems to get harder every day. To be honest, some days I just don’t want to do it. I ask myself the question, why? No one is watching anyway, what is the point? Some people are asking me why I am doing these pushups? Some are even reminding me how bad they can be.

The purpose of this pushup challenge is to try and bring awareness to those of you who really want to get yourselves in better shape, but for different reasons, some financial, cannot. On too many occasions I have had to turn people away because they could not afford to pay for the training they needed or wanted. Now, the Ellis Hope Foundation (EHF) exists and wants to help these people out.

Our first recipient was incarcerated for 30 years and after being released, he wanted to continue on doing what he did in the prison system which was to become a personal trainer. He ran into so many obstacles and just didn’t know what to do or where to turn. To make a long story short, I came up with an idea for him to join a gym of his choice (Gold’s Gym) which the EHF would pay for and also help him get his Personal Trainer license. Now, 1 year later he is a Personal Trainer and doing well enough to support himself.

Our second recipient, came into the gym having not been employed for over six months and knew that she needed a membership because it was her only mental and physical outlet. She was having a hard time just paying rent and putting food on her table. EHF has come alongside her to help her with her membership. One day, hopefully soon, she will be back on her feet and her health will not have suffered too much. What a great feeling these have given me!

These two examples are why I am doing these pushups. My end goal is 365 or 1 year. I am now at 338 at the time I’m writing this. I have completed them every day, adding 1 more each day and then I post them to Facebook. A further challenge I set for myself, is to do all these pushups in one set and not break them up. Some days are really easy, but most days are really hard. I am always looking for people that I can help support through their hard times. If you know of anyone, have them call 262-567-0362 or email me at

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