Exercise Improves Skin Tone & Color

Exercise does, on so many levels, improve your skin tone and color. This should be obvious for most, but for others, this may not be so obvious.

Many people try to use skin care products to do what our body can do naturally—give us healthy skin tone and great color. We try Botox treatments, surgery’s, waxing’s, body painting, along with other things, that causes us to forget the obvious. I remember once being in school and while sitting in class, one of my friends, trying to be funny, raised his hand. The teacher turned around and acknowledged him and asked what his question was. His reply was, “what is the bare minimum we need to do to just pass this course?” The teacher replied, “With that attitude you’ll probably fail this course”.

Isn’t that just like our life? We look to do the bare minimum to get by while trying to maintain a life of pleasure and beauty. We keep trying these things that potentially could leave us with medical concerns, both minor and major. By exercising, medications and surgeries aren’t necessary. Your body takes care of skin tone and color. It is amazing what red blood cells can do, amazing how God created our bodies.

Science has proven that as we age, regular exercise slows the aging process down dramatically. I won’t get scientific here, you can always google it, but it’s important to know, chemicals may work for a while but proper exercise and diet will work for a lifetime. Do you want good skin tone? Great color? Start exercising regularly, it will do wonders for the body!

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