Exercise Has Anti-Aging Effects

I was told the other day that exercise keeps you young. I truly believe that. And why? Exercise allows the body to get rid of the poisons and toxins that we consume every day. Sweating allows us to keep our skin pores open. In addition, with exercise our heart rate increase which gives us the ability to let our blood run pretty quickly through our veins which gives us the ability to constantly clean and keep our vascular system clean. Through fast heart rate we might breath harder which has the ability to keep our lungs clean and clear.

I know many people over the age of 80. When I look at them, I don’t see 80 year olds. I see people that in the end don’t even consider themselves old at all. The things these people can do are incredible. Have you ever see an 80 year old do chin ups? Or run a marathon? Or swim a mile? I have, and just by looking at them you can see that all their hard work has paid off when it comes to aging.

I know others that don’t workout. When I look at them I see age. Our body is meant to work. God built this body for work, not to sit around. Our benefit to all that work is…. Anti aging.

This year, if you want to look and feel better, don’t go out and think you can buy youth. Rather, put on your running shoes and go the gym and start working out. Your body will love you for it.

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