February is upon us. How’s it going?

Well, it is the end of the first month of the New Year and my question to you is, where are you in achieving your goals? Statistics have shown that in the month of February people begin to lose their focus and begin to get back to their old lives. You know that life that you said just a few months prior, “I HATE THIS LIFE AND LOOK AT ME I LOOK SO BAD. I NEED TO GET MYSELF TOGETHER!”

As we go into our next month let’s remember our goals. Let’s revisit them and renew our passion and focus. Let’s remember our end game as this month starts and tends to get harder and harder to stay focused because life begins to get back in the way.

Here are some ways at which you can help yourself stay focused.

  1. Don’t let anything or anyone come between you getting that workout in for that day. Anything other than that can wait 30 minutes after your workout
  2. Understand that if you do miss that one session or that one day, it becomes easier, over time to miss more days
  3. Remember you cannot eat yourself healthy, it is impossible. Working out, yes exercise is necessary to lose and then maintain your better health
  4. Find some friends at the gym you belong to and hold each other accountable. Set specific times to meet at the gym and workout. Push each other and lift each other up when needed
  5. Get rid of or minimize your get togethers with those who are not on the same page with you. Now I did not say drop them, but you may want to stop hanging around them all the time and replace them with likeminded people. Easier said than done, I get it. But bad influences WILL bring you down and your goals will never be achieved
  6. Have a plan of attack to achieve your goals. What are you going to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? Then stay the course
  7. Don’t deny yourself anything. Rather tell yourself that you choose to not partake in “X” but you would rather partake in “Y”. Don’t use the words “I Can’t” that is setting you up for failure.

These are my top 7 things to keep in mind. By following these, you will not fail but succeed at achieving your ultimate goals.

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