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Here are your top 5 steppers:

Kevin has finished the journey and has now stepped 4327477 steps which equals 2164 miles. The total amount that he needed to reach to get to Market Street in San Francisco was 2141. So he is now waiting for other steppers to join him. In second is Jamie and she has 3455540 steps or 1728 miles and right behind her is Peg our last year winner with 3353148 steps and moving up fast on Jamie again after posting a 40,000 step day. In forth place is Paul Fischer who now has 2438952 steps which is 1219 miles and right on his heals in the fifth position is Jean with 2419115 which equals 1210 miles only 9 miles away from Paul! All others are doing well.. Some have made some serious leaps like Eric who just posted his first 30,000 plus day. This second half of the year will be very interesting.

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