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Well we are over three months into the challenge and it is time for me to just talk about the purpose of this challenge. Let me start by stating that this is not a contest against anyone but yourself. This is a challenge against oneself.

In America I have noticed a trend. Many people start out with programs that they say they are going to stick with only by the end of March give up on. Most of the time it is because they did not make or understand that what a true life style change is about. Lifestyle change in this generation is changing a pattern of living until it interferes or makes us uncomfortable in our daily regimen. As Donald Trump would say, “WRONG!!!” Lifestyle changing should be a permanent change in one behavior to improve on one’s health and living standards. AMERICA IS GETTING FATTER BECAUSE WE DON’T FOLLOW THIS DEFINITION!

This step change was designed for all people whether in shape or not in shape. It was designed for people to challenge themselves to just get better, period. I can only take myself as an example. I don’t need to lose weight or get in any better shape than I am in but I choose to take this challenge on just to see how many steps I can accumulate over an 11 month period. My goal is to maintain 1,000,000 steps per month. That is my goal. It is not to be a specific person or out due a group of people, it is simply to maintain 1,000,000 steps per month.  Someone else’s goal could be to get 5,or 10 or 15,000 steps a day as a their minimum. Everyone’s goals are different. This challenge allows you to pick and choose what your goals will be. Whether small or great.

This challenge is judgement free. This challenge is designed for people to push themselves and finally put their physical fitness into its right place, in the forefront of their lives. Are you really ready for the challenge?

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A preview of the Step Challenge Map.A preview of the Step Challenge Map.