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N48 W36105 East Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc, WI 53066

Dedicated to our Customer’s Health and Fitness

Offering 24 hour fitness, Parker’s Place is not just a gym. It is a club that caters to the person who wants more of the personal touch in their workout environment. Free-Weight and Nautilus Training, Cycles, Treadmills, Aerobics, Personal Training, as well as Nutritional Advice are available.

Friendly and caring customer service makes us stand apart. Our Personal Trainers will take the time to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.

Parkers Place Fitness is one of lake country’s most respected athletic clubs in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Our fitness programs and classes service seniors to kids. Parker’s Fitness is consistently updating equipment and classes to satisfy our members needs. The Weight Loss Challenge is one of our custom programs.

The Lake Country has friendly people, fine schools, beautiful lakes and great neighborhoods. Make sure you get to know Kevin Ellis at Parker’s Place, where “Fitness is Our Focus.”

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Aerobic Training

Health, Fitness and Me

In all our lives fitness is so important. We are constantly looking for new ideas and what is out there right now, to tell you the truth, is poor at best. There are gimmicks like “the newest girdle” that is suppose to make you 3 inches thinner and 20 pounds lighter. Or the latest pill that supposedly is to help you lose 15 pounds in a few days. Or the new healthy diet that is suppose to help you improve on your eating habits and reduce your weight.

I know some of you may be discouraged. There is a lot of negative in this world today. People are giving up in so many ways. People are losing focus and using excuses not to do things that they are capable of doing. Motivation has been changed to Apathy. Happiness has been changed to Sadness. Personal drive has been changed to laziness and lack of focus. Whereas we use to hold ourselves to a higher standard, we now settle for mediocrity at best.

Stories such as Cancer Kills, Fighting for one life, Quitting when life gets hard, Why should you care, Stresses of life, Where does true happiness come from, A little walk in the woods and unconditional friendship should motivate you to try and make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

My hopes are that in this book, you can find the real truth that can bring you hope. I pull no punches in this book. I reveal many of the lies and gimmicks and give you the honest truth. This book also open my world to you so you can see my struggles and how I am overcoming them. Read, enjoy and share it with your friends. May God bless you all.

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