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This was the first annual Parkers Place Bench Press Contest and 51 people attended. This was not your usual bench press competition which usually is determined by the amount of weight one lifts, but this was determined by the amount of repetitions one can complete in 5 minutes. Each contestant got 5 minutes to complete as many repetitions as they can do. The women had to lift 55 pounds and the men 135 pounds. They could rest at anytime and rack the weights however they could not physically get off the bench. If they did the time would stop and their portion of the contest would be over. There were also weight categories; ages 16-30, 31-45, 46-59,60+ and then further broken out to gender, male or female. Here are your winners:
 Jane Miller 31-45 female she completed 88 total reps Bre Miller 16-30 female she completed 79 reps. John Gliszczinski he competed 109 reps with the 135lbs. Mary Sue MacNamee 46-59 female she completed 81 reps. Brian Wallis 16-30 completed 70 reps at 135lbs. No picture of Mike Picco who won the 46-59 with 55 reps at 135lbs.
Parkers Bench Press challenge
Jane and Bre
Parkers Bench Press Challenge
Parkers Fitness Bench Press Challenge
Mary Sue
Parkers Bench Press Fitness Challenge
Parkers Bench Press Challenge

Parkers Palce Fitness Weight Loss Challenge More Info on the Weight loss challenge Parkers Place weight loss challenge application form
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Parker's Place is dedicated to our customer's Health and Fitness.

Friendly and caring customer service makes us stand apart. Our Personal Trainers we will take the time to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.

Parker's Place is not just a gym but a club that caters to the person who wants more of the personal touch in their workout environment. We have Free-Weight and Nautilus Training, Cycles, Treadmills, Aerobics, Personal Training, as well as Nutritional Advice available.

Parkers Place Fitness is one of lake country's most respected athletic clubs in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. Our fitness programs and classes service seniors to kids, and Parkers Fitness is consistently updating our equipment and classes to satisfy our members needs. The Weight Loss Challenge is one of our custom programs.

The Lake Country has friendly people, fine schools, beautiful lakes and great neighborhoods. Make sure you get to know Kevin Ellis at Parker's Place, where "Fitness is Our Focus."


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Kevin L. Ellis age 47 Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Parker's Place Total Fitness. Has been on NBC(TMJ4), CBS(WISN12), ABC, FOX6 and recently Parker's Place was on MTV. Originator of Parker's Place Weight Loss Challenge which was established in 2007. Blogs for WISN (12) which is an affiliate of ABC

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To cancel your Parkers Place gym membership, you will need to submit a written request to cancel your membership and a termination letter has to be filled out, 30-days prior to your desired cancellation date. This cannot be done on line as an email of face booked or any other type of method. Faxes are not acceptable. Please note that depending on the timing of the request you may be charged for the following months dues prior to cancellation.


More Info on the Weight loss challenge Parkers Place weight loss challenge application form